Help Icon not working in Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Prem when Load Balancing

Hello folks!

I recently had a client contact me because their users were getting a “403 access forbidden” message whenever clicking on the little Help icon anywhere within CRM 2011

crm pic

Clicking this link in CRM generates an error!

This client also happens to be using load balancing for their CRM 2011 environment, and they use IIS to redirect users to a common URL like Naturally after installing CRM, the system does not know this and attaches the help icon URL to the default server location.

In our case, the client had security setup on the app servers to prohibit users from accessing the servers directly, and they are expected to be redirected to the IIS URL.

So to fix this we needed to tap into CRM 2011 behind the scenes and manually change the URL. WARNING – This is an unsupported change and if you later install updates or roll-ups from MS, you will likely need to perform this again.

Here are the steps:

Fire up SQL Management Studio where your Dynamics CRM 2011 Config DB is located

Perform the following:


        select helpserverurl from configsettings


Update configsettings Set helpserverurl = “your url goes here”

Perform an iis reset